Logitech now wants to be called 'Logi', expect shiny new products

Logitech will still be retained as official company name after rebranding exercise

Surprise! Logitech is dropping the 'tech' from its name and now wants to be called 'Logi'. This will probably be helpful as it can now be called Logi everywhere (in Japan, Logitech is known as Logicool due to trademark issues).

You'll still see the Logitech branding on older devices, but from here on out, everything the company makes will have the Logi branding. Logi has also embraced a brighter colour palette so expect a departure from its usual 'make it black' approach to design.

As to new products, Logitech's blog teased a new release 'just around the corner'. We're guessing it'll be a new peripheral computer or tablet accessory and that it won't be black.

[Source: Gizmodo]