Local Motor's 3D printed car might just top all the other thingamajigs in the world

3D printing makes the unimaginable happen – you’d want to see this
There’s been a few 3D printed things around, but this might just top it all

We’ve all been reading about 3D printed stuff – from World Cup gear, to robots, drones, and healing casts. There’s even the 3D print of weirder items like make-up, stuffed toys and Braille mobile phones (no kidding, we’ve got the stories to prove it).

But now, the wonders of 3D printing have reached a new level by stretching the boundaries of design. Be forewarned – either your eyeballs might pop out of their sockets or your jaw might hit the table.

Ladies and gentlemen, we bring you the 3D printed car. Motor vehicle manufacturing company Local Motors is the creator and it’s apparently even given one a ride around. But its idea behind creating a 3D printed car came off the back of a design contest.

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Local Motors is known for years of constructing cars with the aid of community-submitted part designs. Lately, it's been inching towards a more ambitious plan – fashioning a working, 3D-printed electric vehicle by September.    

It ran a contest in May for its community members to submit designs and has named the winning creation – the Strati, picked for its retractable roof and balance for having a complex and practical body.

Initial models of the winning creation are already being produced as a trial but Local Motors hasn’t clarified if the final car will loop in ideas from the runner-ups of the contest or which parts of the car will be 3D printed beyond its body.

If this plays out smoothly, we could soon be seeing a range of personalised, cheaper cars.

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[Source and image: The Verge