Live your superhero fantasies in the immersive Marvel Experience

Possibly the ultimate fan experience, it includes a 4D motion ride and a 3D stereoscopic theatre

Marvel's been outdoing DC on many fronts lately and its latest endeavour will probably keep them leading on the scoreboard. The Marvel Experience is a travelling installation, made up of seven domes for fans to walk through and experience what Hero Venture dubs "hyper-reality".

Of course you'll spot depictions of popular Avengers including Black Widow, Captain America, Iron Man and a few characters not spotted in Marvel's Cinematic Universe including yes, Spider-Man. The premise? To feel as though you've just been recruited into S.H.I.E.L.D by Nick Fury.


Heroic adventures

It's a massive setup: think 80,000 square feet. There'll be interactive stalls, wallet-emptying collectible stalls, and of course the highlights are the 360-degree video dome which will project stereoscopic content to immerse you in the Marvel world and if you're into roller coasters, then prepare for a 4D motion ride as part of your final showdown with the Red Skull's Super-Adaptoid robot.

Right now the tour is finishing up in Del Mar, California before heading to Chicago as part of the 14 US locations it plans to visit in 2015. So if you happen to be lucky enough to be in the US right then, then it might be worth a stop. If the tour is a success, it will come back in 2016 and expand to more venues and perhaps even turn into an international affair. Means there's hope for us yet!

[Source: CNet]