Your new iPhone's Live Photos are now live on Facebook

Find out if you're one of the chosen few to have unlocked the ability to overshare in motion pictures

If you’ve gotten a brand new iPhone 6s or 6s Plus, but have been griping about how you’ve been unable to gift the world with your Live Photos, congratulations, you can now.

Before you spaz out from unspeakable joy and start mass uploading all the Live Photos you’ve been hoarding over the past three months, this function is being slowly rolled out to Facebook users. That means, you might not actually be able to use it - yet.

There’s only one way to find out if you’re the chosen one. And that’s to actually try uploading something. Make sure your Facebook app is nice and updated. Then as per your usual over sharing of personal photos, hit Photo from your News Feed, and choose your Live Photo, marked by the Live Photo circle icon in its corner.

Just before you post it, make sure the Live icon is highlighted and it should upload in the appropriate format, instead of as a still. Don’t forget to agonise long and hard over your casually witty caption to commemorate your first ever post of a Live Photo.

Unfortunately, the privilege has yet to be bestowed upon us and our test Live Photo is sitting stock still on our feed. If you’re like us, don’t worry, you should be enabled next year (which is thankfully in two weeks), or you could always take to Tumblr where it’s already supported. Go crazy.