Listen to the Terminator give you directions on Waze

If Arnie can't get you where you want, then no one can

Arnold Schwarzenegger has always been well known for his role as the T-1000 in the Terminator series and his famous one liners such has “I’ll be back” and “come with me if you want to live” are pop culture mainstays.

Waze has given Terminator fanboys and also their users a treat by allowing users to set their navigator’s voice to  a Terminator Cyberdyne Systems Model 101, all thanks to Terminator Genisys’ new partnership with Waze.

The new option is already available as you read this, a navigation voice option by none other than the former governor of California himself, Arnie. Drivers are treated to customised Terminator one liners such as “I’m looking for Sarah Connor, bur I’ll get you to your destination first.” So download the voice pack now on Waze and let the T-1000 tell you to follow him if you want to not get lost.

[source : Gizmodo]