Line's Stickers app is all about stickers and only stickers

Rather than use the stickers with friends, you're expected to tag and share stickers with other people using the app. We're mystified
Line's Stickers app is all about stickers and only stickers

In all honesty, Line's popularity is squarely attributable to its stickers. Perhaps they bring out the four-year-olds in us who loved stickers and wanted to share them everywhere - on walls, on books, on placid pets. Now Line's dedicated a new app just for people to login and look at more stickers.

The key difference? This time you'll be able to tag the stickers and then post your tags within the app. Your friends can then comment on your ever-so-witty tags and add their own tags to stickers.

Better integration, please

Line's Stickers app is all about stickers and only stickers

While you need to have the Line chat installed to have Line stickers work, there is no other functionality that crosses over to the original app. You can't, say, tag a sticker and then use it in your chat. Instead you can choose to buy the sticker pack you were messing about with. But the tags don't transfer over.

Is this some insiduous means to get the sticker-addicted even more likely to buy stickers? Is this not-quite-customisable stickers app meant to create another way for Line users to hang out by fiddling with stickers? That seems to be intention as according to Line, more than 25,000 Creator's stickers and Line's own character stickers will be available.

The process of finding a sticker is rather tedious - there isn't a simple ranking or listing of stickers (beside's Line's own stickers) and you have to search for stickers that will fit your particular need. Some of the stickers are geniunely nightmare-inducing - a leering smiling cactus (or we hope it's a cactus) leering at you in a come-hither manner for instance. Brr.

Get the app for free on either Google Play or the App Store. And if you figure out the point of the app, do drop us a line.

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