Line's new speakers dare you to resist the cute

These AI-enabled speakers offer a face to your talking speakers

Line has been consistent in its production of super-cute items and its latest is a series of cute AI speakers. The Champ range is definitely an adorable alternative to Alexa and Google Home...if you can get it working outside of Japan.

Talk to me, bear

These speakers aren't the only ones Line has, however. Line announced its own Clova cloud AI platform at the Mobile World Congress earlier this year. There will be two speakers running on Clova, the first being the Wave speaker.

It's a smart speaker made to work like Alexa, and can support general directions such as getting information about the weather, turn on and turn off infrared remote-supported applianaces as well as, apparently, "engage in casual conversation". The Wave can even be used to control chat messages in Line. It will start selling in Japan for ¥15,000 yen (RM580).

As for the Champ speakers, Line described them as being cuter and more portable versions of the Wave. These will start selling in winter, with the prices as yet to be announced. We predict, if the price is right, they're going to be fairly popular.

[Source: Engadget]