Line's new selfie app appeals to your inner narcissist

Special selfie-optimised filters and a weird sounding name combine in the B612 app
Line's new selfie app appeals to your inner narcissist

The Japanese messaging app Line is milking the selfie cow for all it’s worth. There’s the selfie-sticker app, a poll about your “selfie addiction” and now they bring us a photo app which purportedly is designed to take the perfect selfie.

They’ve dubbed it B612 from the asteroid in the book The Little Prince (somewhat bafflingly). For now it’s only on iOS and it employs solely your front-facing iPhone camera. The app’s incredibly easy to pilot - you simply touch the screen anywhere and your photo is taken just like that. It inverts Instagram’s process which automatically saves photos taken and has you apply filters thereafter.

Taking a picture of me. And me. And me again

Line's new selfie app appeals to your inner narcissist

B612 recognises the fleeting, finicky nature of the act of selfie-taking and lets you preview filters before you take selfies. Then it'll make you decide whether the selfie came out right (or whether the selfie was worth your dignity and integrity, we suppose). Several existential crises later, you then have the usual option of sharing your selfie on the social media platform of your choice (though strangely, not to Line).

Customisation is quick and breezy, the menu pulls up a slew of options to tweak including the 43 distinct filters but it’s all pulled up and pushed aside at your whim and doesn’t clutter the screen at all. That said, there’s a ton of other more established photo apps that already do selfies and more than just that, so it’s unclear if this will take off. 

It’s a clear push by Line to try and infiltrate the Western market, where iOS is the more dominant mobile platform – and Line usually rolls out services to the Android-dominating Asian market first. Whether what seems to be a gimmicky selfie-centered app could do it is up in the air, but apparently it’s only one in several steps to secure a hold in the Western mobile consciousness.

[Source: TheNextWeb]

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