Line just announced the unlimited mobile plan of your dreams

No data charges when you use Line, Twitter, and Facebook with Japan-only Line Mobile

At Line’s conference in Tokyo, the company announced its grand vision of becoming a smart portal. Struggling to understand what that means? Essentially, it wants to become what WeChat is in China - a single platform for all your needs. 

And as one of its many plans, Line announced that it will start a new mobile virtual network (MVNO), naturally named Line Mobile. Starting from just JPY 500 (RM18), it will leverage NTT DoCoMo's cellular network to bring users unlimited usage of all of Line’s services: free calls, messaging, and its in-app Timeline features.

In addition, its unlimited usage will also include Twitter and Facebook’s main browsing and posting features, which is fairly big of Line. However whether that generosity extends to Facebook Messenger is still yet unknown.

Line also said that it’s in talks to partner with other partners to bring users unlimited usage of their services in future. Netflix, anyone? The company understands that mobile usage is data-first these days and wants to hopefully bring an end to that all too common problem of excess data charges.

So if you ever needed a reason to start using Line, this would be it. Here’s hoping it will roll out worldwide and other service providers will follow Line’s admittedly progressive lead.