Line Friends opens official store on Lazada

If you're a big fan of Cony and friends, you can now buy all their cuteness online

While WhatsApp and WeChat are more popular here, the Line app is still a great alternative for people who love the cuteness it has on offer.

Cables, cases and toys

Line's appeal has to do with its characters called the Line Friends: a host of adorable characters that include an adorable duck, a winsome bunny and a very huggable bear.

No wonder then that Line merchandise is fairly popular but wasn't so easy to get... until now. Line Friends has its own store on Lazada with a fairly extensive range of items - from phone cases, cables, bags and of course the most popular stuffed toys.

Prices aren't exactly cheap but considering the shipping and costs to try and get those items from Japan, maybe the convenience will win you over.

There are also various promos available from now until 8 August, that you can check out here. Have fun shopping!