Line finally comes to the iPad but where is the sticker shop?

The iPad app seems a stripped-down version when compared the others
Line finally comes to the iPad but where is the sticker shop?

After being out on the PC, Android and iPhone, Line finally makes an iPad app. The verdict? It's slightly disappointing as it seems very much a stripped-down app that can mirror chats on your main device but besides that, allows few other benefits.

There is no voice or video calling on the iPad version of Line but the biggest ommission has to be there being no Sticker Shop. Look, let's all be honest: if it wasn't for all the cute stickers the rest of us would be happy using WhatsApp, KakaoTalk, Telegram or what-have-you. Where are the stickers, Line?

Holding out for future updates

Line finally comes to the iPad but where is the sticker shop?

Line has always been popular for its cross-platform operability. Whether you're at your PC or at your phone, you'll never miss a chat but still the iPad version seems more like an afterthought than anything.

Just recently Line said it had around 170 million active monthly users, with about 560 registered. That’s certainly no small feat but it is a little disappointing that the company has created such a limited version of its app for iPad users.

Right now the app supports iPads on iOS 7 or better, with 16 languages supported.

Line has quite a bevy of branded apps, mostly games, and plans to launch more apps soon. Line Pay is coming up, allowing users to make payments or send money to others on Line. There is also going to be a Line Taxi in Japan which will work with taxi companies to hail rides.

Another Japan-first app is Line Maps for Indoors that allows you to navigate indoors and soon also, Line Music to sell streaming subscriptions.

Let's just hope that Line isn't spreading itself too thin with all its plans. What is for sure is that Line will be adding more functionality to its iPad app. Let's just hope Line sticker addicts can be patient enough to wait. Download the app on the App Store for free.

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