Line doing an Amazon by selling groceries to Thai users

From ordering groceries online to ordering groceries on Line, this messaging app has big plans
Line doing an Amazon by selling groceries to Thai users

Starting Feb 4, Line users in Thailand will now be able to buy groceries via the app. Now, it won't exactly be the same as say buying from Tesco and the likes. Instead it will start off with daily deals, much like it does with its Line Shopping app.

There will be three daily deals, with two big discount offers weekly.


Messaging for noodles?

Line doing an Amazon by selling groceries to Thai users

Don't expect to do all your grocery shopping on Line; for starters Line is focusing more on popular items such as instant noodles and coffee. All the promotions won't be going on a new Line app - instead Line will leverage on one of its three Line brand accounts. We're expecting Line Shopping to be one of them.

It makes sense that Line would choose Thailand to start the service seeing how it has 36 million users in the country. Line forseees developing its services to further cater to what it calls the "emerging online groceries category".

Line Pay has also recently been introduced in Thailand, making it easier for people to shop within the Line ecosystem itself. Bangkok-based startup aCommerce will be handling logistics and fulfillment. For those iffy about online payment, cash-on-delivery is a planned feature.

The service will eventually venture to other countries in Southeast Asia but probably only on a city-by-city basis. It's pretty obvious Line isn't slowing down though we have to wonder just how much further Line can or will go.

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[Source: Techcrunch]