This Limited Animal Crossing Edition For Nintendo Switch Is The Best We've Seen So Far

It'll make you crave the waves

Nintendo has launched a few limited edition Nintendo Switch designs since its launch and they're usually tied in with their most popular game titles. With the most anticipated Switch title, Anime Crossing: New Horizons, set to launch in March 2020 we also have a new limited edition of the Switch to look out for an it looks amazing.

With New Horizons set to be a vacation themed game, this is clearly reflected in this limited edition with the ocean-coloured Joy-Cons and the three Nooks on a mini island on the dock. There's even an Animal Crossing motif on the back of the Switch itself!

To really add on to the whole Animal Crossing look is a matching carry case that has the leaf symbol Animal Crossing fans would know plenty about, which unfortunately is sold separately. Everything about this limited edition theme is cute though, and makes me want one for sure.

Limited edition Nintendo Switch consoles in Malaysia tend to be priced at RM1999 so expect it to be priced the same as well. The console is expected to launch in the US on March 13, though it may take some time to reach Malaysian shores. Animal Crossing: New Horizon is expected to launch on March 20 2020 and will be priced at RM219 RRP in Malaysia.