Lightning Motorcycles’ electric bikes are speedy dream machines

Able to reach 218 miles per hour, the company’s superbike doesn’t get hot in traffic or vibrate
Lightning Motorcycles’ electric bikes are speedy dream machines

Lightning Motorcycles certainly caught global attention when, for the first time, a motorcycle that wasn’t a Kawasaki, Ducati or Honda won the annual Pikes Peak car and motorcycle race in Colorado.

Its first superbike, the LS-218, was delivered to a customer this week for a cool US$38,000.

Riding a dream

Electric superbikes are a big deal if the LS-218 is to be the judging factor. It can hit a speed of 218mph, when most ordinary sports bike can hit 215mph tops. Another bonus is that the electric superbike doesn’t heat up or vibrate the way gas-powered bikes would.

While Lightning’s bikes aren’t the first electrics on the scene, but they are, for the moment, the fastest.

What is exciting is that Lightning is proving that just because a vehicle is electric, it doesn’t mean you would need to sacrifice performance. With how the LS-218 is outperforming regular vehicles, energy-efficient motorbikes have never looked sexier.

A full charge of the LS-218 could mean a range of 90-100 miles and less than US$0.10 cents worth of electricity used for a daily 25-mile commute.

Granted these superbikes aren't cheap but a motorcyle that's fast, sexy and cheap to run? The future looks made for two wheels.

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