This lightbulb secretly records conversations and posts them to Twitter

We've seen the future of desk lamps, and we're a little terrified
Coversnitch lightbulb secretly records your conversations before posting them to

Two artists have decided that you're not paranoid enough about your privacy, so they've created an eavesdropping lightbulb which posts everything it hears to Twitter. Eep.

The Coversnitch as its affectionately called, is powered by a Raspberry Pi which is hidden in a flowerpot housing, along with a bulb. 

Project creators Brian House and Kyle McDonald have stated that they want the installation to alarm people and draw their attention to the surveillance-heavy culture we're all living in. And we reckon they've done a pretty good job at achieving just that.

They've gone as far as installing bulbs in public spaces across New York City, and you can check out covertly obtained conversations on the Coversnitch Twitter feed.

Now if you'll excuse us, we've got a Faraday cage, a portable EMP generator and a deluxe tinfoil hat to purchase.

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