The Light L16 is finally coming, here’s its final design

The compact with 16 freaking cameras for DSLR-quality photos

Remember the Light L16, the point and shoot with a whopping 16 cameras-in-one?

Thanks to Light Rumors, here’s how it’s going to look close to its ship date. 

Wait, what is the Light L16?

A stark-raving compact that combines 16 separate camera modules with various focal length lenses to shoot one massive 52MP photo, in a size that easy to carry in your back pocket. And if you got the wrong subject in focus, the Light16 allows you can also choose your new focus point after you take a photo, like a Lytro.

It’s been two years... tech has come a long way since then

Since its 2015 debut, the Light16 now has a wider focal range of 28mm-150mm and 256GB storage space to stuff all your food photos. And even in dark hipster cafes, the Light16 gathers 10x more light than smartphones, no tripod needed.

Are the photos really so good?

These shots look pretty neat. Or scrutinise these high-res shots here, here and here.


Doesn’t it look the same as before?

It’s the little things that count. The flash above the logo has moved among the lenses and it’s now a dual-colour flash. The laser focus assist has also moved just a bit to accommodate the flash, and there’s now a tiny mic hole next to the logo.

I want one, how much is it and when is it coming?

Those lucky enough to pre-order the Light16 will be shooting with their new $1699 (RM7480 approx) camera soon after the camera ships July 14 onwards.  

But I want one now!

Tough luck, but if you’re willing to wait, Light will be taking new orders sometime later this year. Keep your eyes glued to Stuff for when the next pre-order window opens.