Life-size Terminator T-800 is all your Skynet nightmares come true

Maybe don't put this in your bedroom

You can now scare your friends senseless when they visit with this life size bust of the Terminator T-800 endoskeleton as you wait for the release of the movie Terminator : Genisys

The Terminator T-800(acted by Arnie) was sent back in time by Skynet from 2029 to1984 Los Angeles for one sole reason, to kill Sarah Connor, mother of John Connor, the future leader of the human resistance. The Bust was reeased by Sideshow Collectibles in conjunction with this week's release of the movie Terminator : Genisys. The bust measures at half a meter height and 43 centimeters wide, which is pretty huge for a bust and it will definitely give a fearful vibe for the room that it is intened to be put in. The eyes can light up red and the head is articulated. Scary, yes?

The bust will set you back US$900 and is expected to ship to your doors next spring and Sideshow Collectibles even offers an easy payment plan. Why not collect all the other Terminators while you are at it? Sideshow Collectibles also offers a life size T-600 bust, T-800 Combat Veteran bust, and also a full T-800 endoskeleton replica for sale.

[source : CNET]