LG’s robovac is a mobile cleaning and surveillance bot

Fancy a tiny little security bot in your home that also vacuums pet fur?

While it’s no surprise that LG would include a robot vacuum in its new home appliances lineup, its new Hom-Bot Turbo+ has some intriguing uses. One of them being its ability to help keep an eye on your home.

The little robot can be controlled via smartphone, and LG uses augmented reality tech to help designate certain areas in the house for extra attention from the Hom-Bot. Just tap on the image on the phone and the robot will zoom in and clean up.

It also features what LG calls Triple Eye camera sensors that will record the surrounding area, tracking where it has already cleaned. Via these sensors, you can view a real-time feed of what the little robot views and remotely direct it to clean the house whenever you wish.

If the little bot senses movement, it will take photos and send them to your phone. Of course most of the time it will probably be your pet but it’s a nice extra safeguard for peace of mind.

Besides that, the Hom-Bot also has an intelligent software system that helps it avoid obstacles such as the stairs or corners.

The real question is, will it be too intelligent and plot to overthrow its human masters? We're putting our faith that LG has all that sorted out before the Hom-Bot Turbo+ is available in our market from Q2 onwards.