LG wants to end its plasma TV production

One by one, TV makers drop out from producing these flat-screen units
LG wants to end its plasma TV production

Bad news for all you plasma TV lovers – there will soon be no more plasma TVs from LG, a move that will soon see these units become extinct.

According to an LG spokesman, the South Korean multi-national electronics company’s currently in a “wait and see mode” in determining if plasma TVs still have a future going forward, but it surely looks dubious.

Many TV makers have been slowly removing themselves from the production of these flat-screens because of dwindling demand. LG is currently the last major vendor making these units and if it should stop production, China’s Changhong Electric will be the only one in the game.

The last vendor to exit the space was Panasonic, when it announced in 2013 it would put a full stop to plasma panel research and end its production this year. Samsung followed suit.

“We’ve known for a long time that demand for plasma was declining. When demand falls to a point where it’s no longer a viable business is where we’re trying to determine,” LG was quoted stating.   

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And that’s what LG’s busy doing; it’s apparently conducting an internal study to determine if it should totally stop all plasma productions. We think it’s had a good run considering rumours of the demise of plasma TVs have been circulating since 2008 or 2009.

On the bright side, LG’s putting its eggs into the OLED TV basket – it most recently revealed that it will soon start selling two 4K OLED TVs. One of the units it took the wraps off this week features a 65in screen with a 3840 x 2160 pixel display.

LG’s due to officially announce what it plans to do about the issue soon, so if you’re a plasma videophile, you should probably get your hands on one while they last. 

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