LG unveils G5 drone controller for, well, controlling drones

It does exactly what is says on the tin

LG has really gone all out at MWC this year. From the expected (and impressive) G5, to a Sphero-Like robot, the South Korean tech giant revealed plenty of things for gadget fans to get excited about, including the LG Smart Controller.

While the full details are scarce at this early stage, we do know that the accessory, which essentially turns the G5 into a drone controller, will allow users to control at least one type of Parrot drone with a “three-dimensional control dial”.

Once the LG G5 is snapped into the dock, it becomes a viewfinder, letting you  bask in the glory of first-person aerial acrobatics (while hopefully not being attacked by drone-killing eagles).

There’s no word on a price, release date, or list of compatible drones, but hey, we know it exists, so that’s something, we suppose.

Stay tuned for more info as we get it.