LG teases G4's arrival in Malaysia

The hints have been strong on social media especially after details came out about the phone getting SIRIM approval.

LG's G4 phone has crossed that important hurdle - attaining the Malaysian regulatory body SIRIM certification, a vital step before a phone can be officially sold in the country. After popping up on SIRIM's website, the LG Malaysian FB page has been putting up daily posts about the phone.

The upgrade to LG's G3 was recently launched and has so far garnered good reviews, despite its Snapdragon 808 processor being not quite as powerful as other competing flagship phone models. With octa-core phones being so easily available, it's a little surprising LG's decided to go the hexa-core route.

But lovers of leather might appreciate having six shades of genuine leather back covers to choose from or, if animal skins don't strike you, there's always the ceramic back option instead.

Judging from pricing, though, it's likely LG will price the phone around the costs of Samsung's Samsung Galaxy S6 and play the premium card. So don't expect it to cost much less than RM2,500.