Foldable? How about a phone that could extend longer?

LG's latest innovative smartphone patent is quite a stretch

Smartphone innovation is becoming more and more exciting. LG has recently secured a patent which was filed several years prior with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) that contained concept designs for a mobile device that could stretch and extend its display.

Based on the patent, the phone's housing consists of three parts connected by a slider, which could extend and compress the phone's screen. When the screen is extended, the display would reveal additional information or even convert itself into a widescreen format. It is unknown if the screen itself is made of a stretchable material or if it would incorporate LG's rollable display technology similar to their recently announced TVs.

While it may not be impressive to some (especially to those who are one the foldable phone bandwagon), an extendable display is still an interesting smartphone concept to explore. For instance, a compact device that barely takes much space in your pocket could actually extend into an actual phone, or a standard sized phone could extend its display to a 21:9 aspect ratio. Hopefully in the near future we would see something from LG when they'd actually decide to utilise this concept.