LG outs new feature-focused X series smartphones ahead of MWC

Whether it’s the camera or display you care about, LG’s got new options for you

Hot on the heels of the LG G5 cover reveal comes another peekaboo from the Korean company themselves, keen to beat the other smartphone makers in the race to impress consumers and win your vote (and your money).

The X series phones are what LG is terming “specialist” phones, in the sense that they focus solely on individual features that matter most to consumers. After all, a Jack of all trades means being a master of none. At least, not without substantial cost unless you're talking about the mid-range X Cam and X Screen phones. 

Dual-eyed LG X Cam

The 118g X Cam comes with dual rear cameras - one 13MP and the other, 5MP. Just like with the two front cameras on the V10, you'll be able to switch between both to alternate between normal shots and wider ones. 

We'll definitely find out more when we get our hands on the phone in Barcelona at MWC.