LG L25 doesn't ring a bell? The Firefox OS that powers it should get your attention

LG's just part of the equation - expect more phone makers using Firefox in 2015
LG L25 doesn't ring a bell but the Firefox OS that powers is going to make you l

It’s pretty safe to say not many will have seen this coming: one of LG’s newest phones will be from a camp no one expects. Clue? It’s neither Android, nor Windows, and definitely not a Blackberry.

Okay, that’s actually not much of a clue to begin with; the answer is Firefox. While LG did launch the first Firefox phone with Fireweb last year, not many people would have bet their bottom dollar that they would repeat the trick.

Whereas Fireweb was essentially a budget device, the upcoming L25 looks a little more like a budget-conscious phone with some frills – it will be fitted with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 chipset with a 1.2GHz quad-core CPU, paired with 1.5GB of RAM and 16GB of internal storage.

For the display, LG is rumoured to use a 4.68in IPS panel with 720p resolution, which is adequately sharp for that size. The cameras look respectable on paper too – a 2.1MP at the front, and an 8MP rear camera. On paper, this probably makes the L25 one of the best Firefox phones at the moment

Early speculation so far based on leaks from @upleaks is that the phone was made exclusively for Japanese carrier KDDI and there are no clear leads as to whether these phones will be made available elsewhere. However, according to Firefox OS Guide, sources indicated that the L25 did pass through FCC; whether or not that counts for anything yet, remains to be seen.

The L25 is but one of several second-generation Firefox mobile devices that looks set to make an appearance early next year, possibly at CES, so it would be a shame should it make its rounds only in Japan and on rumour sites.

[Source and image: @upleaks via GSM ArenaFirefox OS Guide]