LG brings in smaller 4K UHD TVs

Small might be stretching it, but the display giant's new 65 and 55 inch TVs are definitely more manageable than its monstrous 84 incher

These two new 4K UHD TVs from the LA9700 series may be smaller than their 84 inch sibling but they still have all the neat features that made the latter shine.


Delivering a dense 8.3 million pixels per frame and coupled with LG’s Tru-ULTRA HD Engine these two new LA9700s will supposedly give a well-rounded viewing experience with high end visual and audio. The colours are nothing to scoff at, and the 4.1 channel sound system makes full use of the four forward-facing speakers alongside a rear subwoofer to knock the block off your ears.

Of course they’re 3D capable as well, with bundled passive 3D glasses.

LG has thrown in a new remote design and more smart capabilities like voice control, a bunch of apps and a new service called Now On, which recommends content based on the user’s viewing habits. Now that's what we call a Smart TV. It even remembers the kind of stuff you like to watch.