Let your camera tell you how many calories are in your food

No excuse now not to log those calories

Are you a calorie counter? Do you like taking photos of your food? Then Google feels you. The Im2Calories is a system that will combine image recognition and comparative analysis to one, identify food in a photo and two, match said food to a database to calculate the total calories.

Nothing is perfect, and neither is Im2Calories. That is why the app has a drop down menu so that you can select the correct food when it misidentifies a food, which is quite frequent. The accuracy will be improved though, so long as people keep using it.

Another challenge for the app is that according the New York Times, the current system of burning food to measure calories, developed in the 19th century does not take into account digestion therefore making the calculation inaccurat. Just taking calories into consideration may not be enough.

 The technology powering the app could be utlilised in other fields due to its automated object recognition; perhaps analyse traffic scenes and enhance parking spot predictions.

Im2Calories has yet to finalise a release date or pricing, but this could be a good addition to the other popular calorie counters out there especially those food Instagrammers.

[Source: Digitaltrends]