Let your Bluetooth handsfree record your calls for you

Bluewire promises to help you leave your recorder at home
Let your Bluetooth handsfree record your calls for you

On Indiegogo today is something even poor journalists might throw their money at - a Bluetooth headset call recorder. Yes, it sounds pedestrian but if you've ever been in a position where you needed to record a call, this seems like the simplest solution.

Pair the headset with your phone, open the app and record the conversation. Don't like how the headset feels? Pair it to another headset. You can do that, honest. The Bluewire comes with 16GB of memory to store your chats.

All safe and accessible

Besides your smartphone, you can also pair the device to your computer to record your VOIP calls. Trying to record a Skype call (speaking from experience) is a little fiddly and Bluewire sounds like a perfectly simple way to go about it.

Other things to like about it? It even has an inbuilt accelerometer and a motion trigger alarm. Did we also mention it supports Qi wireless charging?

Prepare to pony up US$150 (RM543) on Indiegogo if you want a Bluewire headset. If this works, this could become a journalist's best friend or a blackmailer's worst nightmare.

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[Source: Techcrunch]