Let Apple teach you how to get the most out of an iOS 11-loaded iPad

The new iOS will help make your iPad a real workhorse

In case you need reminding, iOS 11 is coming soon and Apple is keen to show you just how the OS is life changing on the iPad.

New iPads 101

What the videos bring to the table: quick guides to use the latest features and help you get used to the slightly tweaked UI.

iOS 11 brings better multi-tasking as well as a dock to the iPad Pro, and even better markup with the Apple Pencil across different apps. Not that you can't already use the Apple Pencil for some things but iOS 11 has made the device even more useful.

To get a preview of the new iPad experience just head over to Apple's YouTube channel. We've embedded one of the videos here to give you a taste.

[Source: 9to5Mac]