Lenovo's new gaming monitor is curvy AMD FreeSync goodness

Lenovo says it has the most extreme curve available today

If you like the look of curved monitors, Lenovo has a new one you might like. The Y27f has what Lenovo calls "the most extreme curve" available right now, rated at R1800, as well as other features that make it a gaming dream.

The first of Lenovo's displays to use AMD's FreeSync tech, it has a Full HD 27in display with a 144Hz refresh rate.

With FreeSync, the monitor works with FreeSync-compatible GPUs to better adapt the monitor's refresh rates to match the GPU's frame creation. This helps prevent tearing in the display by making sure new frames are not drawn during monitor refresh periods.

Stuttering is also prevented as the monitor's refresh rates is synced in such a way that it's locked to the GPU's new frame creation. FreeSync is currently supported by a wide range of AMD cards, including the new Radeon RX series.

Other specs for the monitor: a 178 degree viewing angle, 4ms response time, HDMI1.4 and DPI1.2 connectors, USB3.0 hub that supports fast charging for mobile devices, a rotated headphone hook, quick release 100m VESA1 mount and a Kensington Lock, in case you're afraid of someone running off with your shiny new monitor.

Currently priced at US$399 (RM1590), we don't have details of its availability in the region at the moment but we'll let you know once that changes.