Lenovo’s copying Google by creating its own Google Glass-like wearable

Sources say its headset design will let you keep your voice chats on the down low
Lenovo’s copycatting Google by creating its own Google Glass-like wearable

Who says Google gets to have all the fun in creating a Google Glass? Lenovo is wanting in on the wearable eyewear pie share, and by the looks of it, could also be producing a Google Glass-like wearable display.

A report by Engadget sheds some light on the Chinese multi-national company’s plans, which goes into some detail about the unit.

The report highlighted information from a US patent Lenovo’s applied for – one that comprises an “electronic device [that] can be worn at a user's head” with touch-based navigation, dual screens, as well as a “sound capturing feature” which it harped on multiple times in the patent.

As per what’s suggested on the patent, the “sound capturing” brainchild of Lenovo’s is the result of a bone-conducting microphone placed strategically above the wearer’s nose bridge, unlike the conventional noise-cancelling ones used by Google in its Glass.

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How's it any different from Glass?

Lenovo’s copycatting Google by creating its own Google Glass-like wearable

What this means for you, as a user, is a wearable that will pick up your voice more easily, since it won’t have to contend with ambient noise – of course, in speculation that the wearable will be designed with the technology in place.

What it'll also give you is a lot more privacy for Internet calls since you don’t have to speak out loud for the device to pick up your commands; so in future, don’t be surprised if you come across people mumbling to themselves.

Now, just because Lenovo’s filed for a patent, it doesn’t quite mean that it'll actually create a wearable with it. But we presume many of you might be getting your hopes up for one, just because it may be a viable option to Google Glass when it comes to price point.

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[Source and image: Engadget]