Lenovo throws two new convertibles into the Miix and refreshes their Flex line

The Miix 2 line gets a 10 and 11 inch convertible while the Flexs' gets a new set of brains

Obviously an 8-inch tablet isn't enough for Lenovo's Miix 2 line because they've decided to add in two more, slightly bigger products to the product lineup. This time, they aren't exactly tablets though. Instead, the Miix 2 10 and Miix 2 11 are both convertibles; detachable laptops that can be separated from their keyboards.

As their names would imply, the Miix 2 10 and Miix 2 11 are both 10.1 and 11.6 inch devices and both come with some pretty decent specs. They each have a  1,920 x 1,080 IPS display, an eight-hour battery, dual 5MP/2MP cameras, optional 3G, a microSD slot, micro-HDMI, JBL speakers and a full-sized USB port on the dock. The Miix 2 10 however comes with the low-power Intel Bay Trail processor while its bigger sibling, the Miix 2 11, comes with a more powerful Core i5 chip.

Expect a March release for the Miix 2 10 at US$499, and an April release for Miix 2 11 at US$699.

Flex goes AMD

It's not all new models from Lenovo though. Some of their existing lines are getting a refresh as well. The bendy and aptly named Flex series, specifically the Flex 14D and 15D, now have a new set of brains. Lenovo has ditched the Intel Core processors for the rival quad-core AMD A6 chips and a 1GB AMD Radeon HD8570 graphics processor, and this has resulted in a pretty nice price drop to about US$499.