Lenovo dropping its custom UI, moving towards stock Android

Good news for those who like their Android less bloated

Lenovo is saying goodbye to its Vibe UI, and instead moving to a more stock Android experience for its smartphones.

What customers want

Lenovo had created its Vibe Pure UI to create a less bloated custom interface, but found it wasn't popular with customers. Instead, it found its users - India particularly, favoured the stock Android experience.

But it's not that its phones will now be completely stock Android - there will be some customisations, but not to the extent of a full custom UI. Instead, Lenovo phone software will look more like Motorola's new phones.

What would this mean for Lenovo? It would mean that it would be easier, moving forward, to update its phones to newer Android versions. And it would appeal to those who wanted a stock Android experience. As Google still limits the official sale of its Pixel phones, Lenovo and Motorola could be the next best choice for customers yearning for stock Android.

Expect this latest change in upcoming Lenovo smartphones.

[Source: Digitaltrends]