Lelong launching new, premium shopping site

LMall will feature established brands in contrast to Lelong's eBay-like concept

Lelong has evolved from being the Malaysian alternative to eBay to a thriving virtual marketplace where people buy direct from stores as opposed to bidding for them on auctions. The site is now branching out to a new site LMall Marketplace, which focuses exclusively on established brands.

From the current placeholder page, it seems to have signed up some well-known international and local brands that deal with products that include foodstuff, clothing and of course gadgets.

Local brands include lingerie maker Xixili while Oppo and Razer are also in the lineup to hawk their wares on LMall. What advantage would LMall give customers and brands in comparison to other websites such as Lazada or setting up their own storefronts? Likely the brands would find it easier letting LMall handle logistics such as delivery and website maintenance, allowing them to concentrate on managing inventory.

No word as yet when the site will launch but it's likely going to be early 2016, based on the decent number of brands already onboard.

[Source: Amanz]