Leica Q2 Photos Leaked Before Their Rumoured March Unveiling

Weather-sealed and larger megapixel sensor

The successor to the Leica Q from almost four years ago, the Leica Q2 just got its photos leaked prior to its rumoured announcement on March 6th.

Based on the photos, the Leica Q2 will inherit a similar design to the original Q - except maybe the new ‘Leica Q2’ logo on the hot shoe. The wet Leica Q2 also indicates some form of water-proofing or weather-proofing.


According to a report from Leica Rumors, the new Q2 will see an upgrade from a 24-megapixel sensor to a staggering 47 megapixels, possibly improving the digital zoom to 75mm focal length - from the 50mm of the original Q.

There’s also the possibility of it having 4K recording capabilities. So far, no details on the price has surfaced, but if the original Q is any indication, it would be more than USD4,250 or approximately MYR17,305.