Lego’s Mini Cooper is 1,000 bricks of classic car

New official set comes in British Racing Green, of course – and with a picnic hamper in the boot
Lego’s Mini Cooper is 1,000 bricks of classic car

Is this an official Lego set?Oh yes. The company designed this set in-house and will be selling it for £75 (RM406).

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The precise model is a Mini Cooper Mk IV

It looks startlingly detailed.Yep, this model is made of 1,077 bricks, and features a number of intricate little touches: the Mini logo, tan seats, a wood grain dashboard, door handles – even a picnic hamper in the boot. And it comes with the iconic British Racing Green paint job.

Look at that bloomin' basket
The set is due out in August 2014

Which parts move?A lot. You can open the boot, as we’ve mentioned, but also the roof comes off and the doors and bonnet open. The seats push forward, and there’s even a spare wheel in a hidden compartment in the boot.

I’m sold, even for £75 (RM406). When’s it out?It’ll be on sale in August. So you’ve got a bit of time to save up.

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