Lego Ninjago set comes with shadow theatre for your inner puppetmaster

As if Lego sets weren't already their own distraction

Lego’s new set for the ninja themed Ninjago series is called the Temple of Airjitzu, and you can see that the details are amazing and very Asian themed with a ninja training room, weapon holders, sliding doors, ninja swords, Wu’s study books and more but nothing beats the main attraction of the temple, its own shadow theatre. Located at the foot of the temple, it has its own light brick and spinning parts and it is bound to stupefy when it is lit up in the dark.

Other than the temple, there's also the The Smuggler’s Market, which has Asian-style roofs, golden details, hidden treasure chests filled with golden weapons, two Ninjago trading cards, two fish in a barrel and is attached to the temple via a bridge. The Blacksmith’s Workshop on the other hand has wooden frame walls, an upper floor which has a ninja glider relic with detachable spears and yes, a rat in the attic.

12 Ninjago Minifigures characters such as Lloyd, Kai, Jay, Zane, Cole, Nya, Wu, Misako, Dareth, Postman, Jesper and Claire come with their own assorted weapons. The newest addition of characters for this set are Misako, Dareth and Postman. The Temple of AiJitzu has more than 2,000 pieces and is going to retail for US$200. Expect the set to be in stores in September.

[source : CNET]