Lego-hack your Google Street View into Brick View

Just another excuse to spend way too much time on Google

A Swedish coder, Einar Öberg, has been able to hack an impressive layer of top of Google Street View inspired by Lego Blocks. Head to the Brick Street View website  in your browser and you will be able to tour the world in “Lego View”. Just the way the world would look if it were made of Legos.

Öberg put together software that creates a pixelated mosaic of blocks based on the colors of the Google imagery. Don’t expect it to work perfectly but it still is fun with Lego sun, cars and backdrops. To see a location just drop your Lego character on the street, just as you would in Google Street View.

If you are interested in the software that Öberg designed, follow him on Twitter to keep up with what other crazy fun code he's working on.

[Source: Digitaltrends]