A Lego computer, or how you spell geek-gasm

Who needs fancy aluminium when DIY Lego blocks are cooler

Lego has been around since 1932, but it is one of the few toys that has become a legacy that parents pass on to their children and from their children to their own. Its sheer simplicity as building blocks allows unlimited creativity. So unlimited in fact that someone brought a portable, customisable, Lego-based desktop computer into the world.


A cube made of dreams

Meet Mike Schropp, the Total Geek of the Total Geekdom website who has been building Lego computers for years, ranging from small home computers to huge multi-systems farm. He created so many Lego computers that he finally settles on what seems to be his masterpiece, a 7.5″x 7.5″x 5.5″ cube system. So imagine carrying a portable Lego cube computer which has the power of a full desktop computer. Mike’s goal was to build a portable, endlessly customisable full powered desktop compter.

The basic system, starts at $999 (RM3623), comes fitted with an Intel i3-4360 Dual Core processor, a whopping 8 GB of memory, a 120 GB SSD, and an Intel HD4600 graphics card. There are three different cases that are currently available, each featuring a user-controlled LED light bar that encircles the top of the case and displays up to 20 different colors. You can learn much more about Schropp’s design process, and check out the full specs and pricing for several different builds over at Total Geekdom.

[source: Gizmodo]