LEGO Boosts Sets Allows Kids To Make Their Own Star Wars Droids

The first step to ruling the galaxy is to make your own droid.

It was a revelation when we found out that not only that little Anakin Skywalker was fated to be Darth Vader in Episode 1: The Phantom Menace, but we also found out that he built C-3P0 with his own hands. Aspiring younglings who are looking to be just like the Chosen One himself can now start with this LEGO set.

LEGO Boost is a sub-line that focuses on building a fully-functional robot, using LEGO pieces and some simple programming to bring the robot to life. Those familiar with the Technics and Mindstorms sub-lines will feel right at home with this new one. LEGO Boost has an accompanying app for mobile and tablets that teach children the joys of programming.

Naturally, with their 20 year partnership with the Star Wars franchise, LEGO is combining the two sub-lines for the LEGO Boost Star Wars Droid Commander set. With this set, you can make iconic droids from the Star Wars franchise, including the leading astromech droid himself, R2-D2, a gonk droid, and Imperial mouse droid. You can program these droids to zip around the house, fire (toy) missiles, and more.

This new Lego Boost set is being released worldwide on September 1st, with over 1,177 pieces to create all 3 droids. The price of this set is estimated to be around MYR 999.