Legendary Pokémon finally making an appearance in Pokémon Go

Pokémon's one-year celebration continues with a massive raid this Saturday

The rumours of legendary Pokémon have been going on since the game first started, but an official announcement is finally here.

Legendary raids

Raids were recently introduced to Pokémon Go, and as long as you're at least level 5, you can participate.

A special raid is happening in Chicago, however, a legendary raid where a legendary Pokémon will make an appearance. Should the Pokémon be defeated, then legendary Pokémon will be unlocked for all players, beginning 23 June.

Thus all eyes will be on the trainers in Grant Park this Saturday, to see if they can manage to beat the Pokémon during the challenge windows that will open during the event.

You can follow the festivities via YouTube or Twitch however, and get a live reveal of which legendary Pokémon will be making an appearance. Once legendary Pokémon are unlocked, then expect to see Pokémon legendary battles where you could score your own legendary Pokémon. However, these Pokémon will not be able to defend gyms - so time to rustle up your own Pokémon gym battling groups to prepare to take down a legendary Pokémon.