Learn to mix your own pricey cocktails at home

All you need is the poison, Ozz helps you figure out how to make it delicious
Learn to mix your own pricey cocktails at home

This is an alcoholic's dream, we think - a Kickstarter that teaches you how to make your own cocktails instead of paying too much for them in clubs or the like.

Using an app and a specialised shaker, you have access to a multitude of recipes to concoct pretty much anything a bartender could make. Except for malt whiskey, there's no teaching you to make something that awesome with an app.

The joys of alcohol and mixers

Learn to mix your own pricey cocktails at home

At the heart of it, the Ozz is a fancy tumbler. Insert liquids of varying tastes and ratios, shake it all about and pour it into a glass. Paper umbrella entirely optional.

While the Kickstarter doesn't provide fancy umbrellas, it does however include an interactive shaker and Boston shaker in a set. What makes it more than just fancy metal containers is that the interactive shaker is hooked up to an app that comes complete with recipes.

The kicker here is that the app and shaker-combo will let you know if you got the mix right. It will even give you tips on getting a better drink, which pretty much will be the greatest party trick ever.

Pledge at least €99 (RM410) and you will get your very own Ozz shaker and app combo to entertain guests (or dates). The project's fund-by date is 27 Oct and supports international shipping.

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[Source: Engadget]