Leaks of the LG V30 brings sliders back to the future

If you thought slider phones were a thing of the past, think again

Leaks from Evan Blass of the LG V30 suggest it will ditch the candy bar template of the past decade to bring us a phone that looks truly special.

These are mock-ups for now, but the V30 could be featuring the series' trademark secondary display underneath just like your old sliders instead of the top of the phone, like the V20. Much like the slide-able keyboard like the BlackBerry Priv, the V30 will supposedly have a second OLED display that contextually switches from a keyboard, search results and other app- specific controls. 


We’re already concerned with the size of the primary screen, which might have to be relatively smaller to accommodate the sheer height of the device at full stretch. Videos and games could be less immersive than other phones on the market, or disrupted by the navigation bars and secondary screen if it had to be extended all the time. It could also just be a gimmick – a feature that users will rarely use other than to type, much like the MacBook’s Touch Bar that hasn’t been really useful.

Having said that, this does look completely fresh, sure to grab plenty of attention. This is just a render, so they may even bring back the top screen of the V20 to pack three screens on a single device - this could really allow for some speedy multi-tasking. There are other features we'd love to see returning, including the V20's dual-camera and handy removable battery, which meant that you could easily buy a new one to ensure good battery life.

If LG get the software right, it could take off and inspire a list of multi-screened smartphones in the future. It could also be extremely satisfying to get some real tactility to the smartphone experience, especially if LG nails that “click” just right. Who knows, it might just double up as the world’s most expensive fidget device.