Leaked photos show Android Photos app redesign

Google is finally giving it an overhaul

It seems Androidpolice got hold of shots of an apparently revamped Photos app, which finally makes a clean break from the Google+ app. There seems to be marked improvements to the app, not that we're complaining.

Why do we say that? Well, the main star is the Assistant feature, which replaces the Auto Awesome feature, allowing you more creative power onto how you want your pictures arranged. Your  Stories (a feature that creates a story for your pictures and your journey) can be made with much more efficiency rather than wait for it to automatically show up. The app also provides a much more intuitive interface such as more options for viewing your photos, better editing interface, pinch-to-zoom features and privacy-minded sharing.

We are not certain if these features are staying as the app is still unofficial, but it could make an appearance at the Google I/O this week.

[Source: Engadget]