Leaked Oppo R7 3D render shows bezels

If the images are real, it'll be quite the update to Oppo's design sensibilities

Here's a surprise: a recent leak of what is claimed to be the Oppo R7 shows a departure from the company's usual consistency in design. A new 3D render of the phone popped up on the net and claims that the Oppo R7 will look nothing like its predecessor and instead is super thin and living up to the title of this article, contains bezels.

Oppo, is that you?

A quick look at the picture you will find a resemblance to the iPhone 6. The source claims the screen to be 4.7 inches, similar to the iPhone 6 but nothing like its 5.2-inch predecessor.

The camera location on the phone has had people calling the render fake. A camera at that location on such a slim phone has been deemed impossible by industry heavyweights. With all that stated, the render may just be the artist’s rendition of his/her own version of the R7 as you can still find real live videos showing a bezel-less phone.

So if you are an Oppo fan, don’t worry, the render may not be real or maybe you're hoping it is. We'll just have to see.

[Source : GSM Arena]