Leaked Moto X5 photo shows an iPhone X-like notch

It seems Motorola is joining the bezel-free crowd, with a rather familiar design

Leaks have popped up about the Moto X5, a successor to the Moto X4.

Fresher design

It adds a few tweaks – a more current design, including water resistance and an edge-to-edge display. Think a 5.9in Full HD 18:9 display that is keeping with the times.

A surprise however is what looks a lot like the iPhone X notch at the top, with a dual-camera setup as well as a speaker. This could mean there’ll be a different approach to how Android notifications are done on this phone.

No fingerprint reader on the front so it’s likely to use a new type of navigation, perhaps via swipe gestures instead of the usual Android way of working.

Apparently there will be a dual-camera setup on the back and Motorola will also have Moto’s own “Smart AI” whatever that is.

No announcements have been made as yet but perhaps we'll see an announcement soon, if the latest leak is legitimate.

[Source: Droid-Life]