Leak suggesting Xiaomi making laptops next isn't true

Update 30/12: Xiaomi has spoken - the purported leaked image isn't real
Leak suggests Xiaomi making laptops next

Update 30/12/14: The Verge reported that the purported leaked image of a Xiaomi laptop looking very similar to a MacBook Air is not true, with Xiaomi's spokesperson denying that the laptop is a Xiaomi product.

Xiaomi's done smartphones, smartbands, TVs and air purifiers. Looks like Xiaomi might be going into laptops next, according to GizmoChina. Leaks show pictures of what looks like a Mi-branded laptop. If it follows precedent, then it will be cheap and likely to sell quickly.

Linux, perhaps?

Leak suggests Xiaomi making laptops next

The laptop doesn't run Windows, apparently, which makes sense as it would hike up prices. Instead it would run on a Xiaomi-customised version of Linux.

What it runs on: an Intel Haswell i7-4500U processor and a generous 2 x8GB dual-channel memory.

The display will be a 15-inch 1080p capable one though no other specs have been known, such as what type of storage it'll come with. Since the other specs are rather premium, it's likely Xiaomi might cut corners where that is concerned.

As for pricing, it's likely to cost around 2,999 yuan (RM1,691). Not a bad price at all for specs like those and the usage of Linux will keep prices down, though you wonder at what cost to Xiaomi's margins?

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[Source: GizmoChina]