League of Legends takes its biggest championship to South Korea

The DotA competitor will host its league final at Sangam Stadium, formerly a World Cup venue
League of Legends takes its biggest championship to South Korea

The current World Cup is likely behind global sleep deprivation right now but another former World Cup venue will be seeing a non football-related but still exciting event: the League of Legends (popularly called LoL) championship final.

The final will be be held 19 October at Sangam Stadium in Seoul, South Korea where World Cup matches were played way back in 2002. Quite fitting, really, to choose a country that has been fertile ground for the growth of e-sports. At stake will be a US$1 million prize as well as the Summoner’s Cup, a mighty impressive looking trophy.

LoL publisher Riot Games expects at least 40,000 to 50,000 people to show up at the 66,000-seating stadium. Considering over 67 million people play the game, that sounds like a conservative estimate.

E-sports heating up

Last year's LoL champisonship match was held at Los Angeles' Staples Center with more than 12,000 people. Another 32 million fans watched the final online, which is pretty impressive.

LoL has become quite the popular Moba game, despite the return of popular gaming fixture DotA in its new reincarnation DotA 2. The latest news is that Robert Morris University is even offering up to 50 per cent varsity scholarships to recruit LoL players to represent them in the Colleagiate Star League. And to think your parents once thought playing games would hinder you from getting into college.

In the meantime, the upcoming Dota 2 championships in Seattle from 18 to 21 July will see a juicy prize pool with nearly US$10 million being collected from sales of the Championship Compendium. And that Malaysian Dota 2 team who had visa issues? Seems it's all sorted and they'll be going to Seattle after all.

Also check out this cool video by Valve on the state of free-to-play games.

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