Lazada first to bring budget-friendly Motorola Moto E to Malaysians

It’s a decent budget smartphone. No, it’s not an oxymoron
Lazada first to bring budget Moto E to Malaysians

Online retailer Lazada is getting first dibs on selling Motorola’s budget smartphone, the Moto E, to the Malaysian smartphone user market. Their online store lists it for RM369 which is almost identical to the US price tag of US$129 - it’s a surprisingly honest price tag. But what are users getting out of the dastardly cheap investment?

We’ll have to concede it’s a matter of expectations. You want a smartphone that can do smartphone things (one or two of them at a time) and aren’t at all concerned with overclocking, frills, or any other fancy tech shenanigans? Great, this is the perfect phone for you.

You do get what you pay for

Lazada first to bring budget Moto E to Malaysians

The Moto E is unapologetically low-spec. It’s running a Snapdragon 200 dual-core, 1 GB of RAM and a rather underwhelming 4GB of internal storage (though the addition of a microSD card is always an option). It packs a 5MP camera, a 4.3-inch display with a 256 ppi 960 x 540 resolution. The battery stands at 1980mAh.

Yup, very few frills. But the phone is said to run very smoothly for its price point, hardly choking on some basic multi-tasking functionality where other bottom-end smartphones would perish.

The phone is perfect as an introductory smartphone, for parents who need their children plugged in for easy WhatsApp-ing. It’s for holding a friend’s hand and taking baby steps into the world of modern technology. Hardcore smartphone users scouring the net for S5 vs G3 comparisons need not look here.

Lazada will also be selling three Motorola Shells for customisation, probably to lessen the sting of selling the phone a bit below maximum profit. The colours are Lemon Lime, Turquoise, and Vivid Red which will give you some much-needed options from the Black that the Moto E ships in.

[Source: Lazada]