Latest Xiaomi QiCycle is a cheaper folding electric bicycle

And it's even more portable for your commuting convenience

An electric folding bicycle? That's what Xiaomi's latest Qicycle Electric Folding Bike is. Weighing a light-ish 13.5kg, it's not as fancy as the last Qicycle R1 that was super expensive and super smart.

Coming in black, white and red, the little bicycle runs on a 250W, 36V electric motor, with a 18650mAh battery. The battery is actually made up of 20 Panasonic 2600mAh batteries, as can be seen from the presentation.

If it runs out of charge, you can still peddle the bicycle like normal. The bicycle uses Shimano gear-shifting, so you can still peddle your way uphill and downhill.

The bicycle can apparently go up to 45km on a single charge, which is not bad at all. It also comes with smart features, letting you track distance travelled, calories burned and even the speed you're currently cycling. Xiaomi also has a special battery management system to keep the battery from "operating outside its safe operating area".

It also uses a special Torque Management Method created by IDbike B.V. to help riders with their pedalling power.

It will cost RMB2999 (RM1833) but as to when it will be available outside China, is anyone's guess.

[Source: Xiaomi]