The latest MacBook Pro has already outsold its competition

A lot of people seem to be cool with just one port

Despite the outcry over the latest MacBook Pro dispensing with all the usual ports, it hasn't hurt sales at all.

The power of the new Touch Bar

Two things got critics in a tizzy over the latest MacBook Pro: the dispensing of all ports to be replaced with just one USB-C port though the 3.5mm audio jack has been retained, funnily. The Touch Bar was also derided, being seen as an inferior alternative to a proper touchscreen.

Yet the latest numbers from research firm Slice Intelligence shows that the new laptop has so far accumulated more revenue from online orders in just its first five days of availability than competing laptops: the Microsoft Surface Book, Dell Inspiron 2-in-1, Asus Chromebook Flip as well as the Lenovo Yoga 900.

It has made seven times as much revenue as the 12in Macbook did during its first five days. That's apparently 78 per cent of how much the 12in MacBook has made since its launch.

Apple also expects the demand to be strong all through the end of 2016. Why so? Perhaps it is because the MacBook Pro line hasn't been upgraded in so long that the revamp came just as most consumers are looking to upgrade.

Or perhaps, despite the outcry, some people actually like the idea of a Touch Bar. Perhaps some longtime Apple users just don't fancy switching to Windows, what with their software already being on the Mac - switching to Windows is more than the cost of hardware, but will involve paying more for new software. Touch Bar or no, some people have already planned for an upgrade to a new Mac and some criticism isn't stopping them.

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